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The best weapon of a woman: Tears

Published by Anil Kumar under on 9:43 AM

If she needs something (most likely it's attention) and unable to get it otherwise, she will often use her best weapon. Some women like to bring up an issue to cry about, and some cry without a reason. Irrespective, she likes to burst into tears in front of you. The man melts, and she gets what she wanted.

When a woman cries, a man is expected to pay attention, sympathize (but don't overdo it), and show affection by hugging her.

Summary: When a woman cries, she expects the man to offer his shoulder to cry upon.

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Mohican yells said... @ May 24, 2007 at 12:02 AM

Amazing photograph!......I have noticed, that 'crying' photographs (especially when the are natural), comes really awesome. I have seen some other photographs like this. Crying photographs comes even better when they are presented in black & white.

Shruti said... @ June 4, 2007 at 3:37 AM

its really a shame that girls use tears as a weapon, either to gain attention , or get something done. Being a girl myself, i request all the girls out there not to do it.i think it is degrading. we should be self sufficient, and stand up for our self, rather than gaining sympathy.
im proud of never using my tears unnecessarily.

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